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BASI Pilates

The BASI story, as told by Rael Isacowitz:

In 1989 I recognized the explosive growth the Pilates industry was about to experience. Joseph Pilates had developed his exercise method many years before, but this was different. I felt a surge of interest in this forward-thinking method with its emphasis on core strength, functional movement, body alignment, and the mind-body connection.


Throughout the past 30 years, BASI has developed a unique formula and methodology for successful educational programming that effectively shapes BASI Pilates students while maintaining the company’s goals:

To preserve the classical repertoire and the essence of Joseph Pilates’s philosophy while supporting and encouraging evolution based on experience and scientific knowledge.

To address every level of the human condition to better each individual, as well as the world around us, in pursuit of the ultimate goal: physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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